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Do you have an idea for a logo or a design but you don't know where to start?  Or you already have a design but you are unsure of how to get it ready for printing? 

We can help!  Whether you need a logo created, support with branding, a custom design for t-shirts and promotional material etc. - we'll work with you to get you exactly what you are looking for and more!

Graphic Design start at $125 and increase depending on complexity of design.

We offer screen printing for different needs up to 6-colour designs on various garment types. We'll print t-shirts, hoodies, sweatsuits, boxes, totes and more! If you're looking for something specific - just ask!

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for screen printing is 6 pieces for 1-colour prints and 12 pieces for 2-colour or more per design. You are welcome to mix/match garment styles as long as the design remains the same size and placement. 

We offer 2 types of inks for screen printing:

Plastisol (the standard for our print shop) - plastic-based ink that sits on top of the fabric particles, providing a sharp, crisp design and bright vibrancy. Plastisol ink’s durable quality can stand the test of time in the wash and over many wears. It is ideal for heavily used athletic uniforms or branded apparel with intricate designs.

Water-based - Water-based inks are soft, breathable and able to soak into the fabric of the garment, rather than sitting on top. The quality is premium with crisp, bright prints that you can't feel to the touch. Water-based printing is an extra cost.

Standard Turnaround: 10-15 business days (monday - friday)*

RUSH ($100 fee): 7 business days

SUPER RUSH ($150 fee): 4-5 business days

*After payment and artwork approval; Shipping/delivery not included

We ship through Canada and the US! When placing an order, provide us with a shipping address to get a shipping quote.


We offer a variety of specialty inks to give your design an extra pop. Choose from:

- Neon/Fluorescent

- Reflective

- Glitter/Shimer

- Metallic

- Puff Print (coming soon)




An important step to printing custom apparel is choosing the right blank to print on. Whether you're looking for company uniform, branded merch, streetwear apparel or professional attire - you've come to the right place! We work with various brands to ensure we have the styles, colours and sizes that you require for your print project.

Supplying your own Garments

If you have your own blanks you'd like to print on, no problem - just let us know!

Please note that we require the following for supplying your own garments:

  • Garment quantities and descriptions must be accurate and confirmed beforehand.

  • Garments have to be brand new or washed, nothing worn or dirty will be accepted.

  • No BAGGED garments will be accepted

  • If a specific quantity is required, we advise clients to supply +3% or 2-3 pieces of the total amount of garments as a spoilage buffer (we are only human too).

Supplied garments do not qualify for any refunds, replacements, or credits.


After completing your screen print project, take your brand to the next level with our exceptional add-on services:  

Custom Neck Labels -  Details are essential to a successful brand! Personalize your merch with custom screen printed neck labels.

Folding - Don't have time to fold your garments? No problem - we can do it for you! 

Bagging & Tagging - Want your product to leave our shop retail-ready? No Problem! We'll ensure your print project is bagged and tagged with your branding needs in mind so your customers will only see the best of the best!

Shipping/ Local Pick-up:

Free local pick up is available for residents in the Toronto area! 

We provide shipping across Canada and the US. When placing your order, provide us with your shipping address for a shipping quote. 


You just got a new favourite printed t-shirt and you want to make it last. Follow these simple instructions to keep them looking and feeling their best!


Turn printed shirts inside-out before washing. This will prevent other garments from rubbing against the print and the dreaded “pilling” of T-shirt fabric.

Machine was cold in a gentle cycle. Washing your clothes in cooler water helps prevent fading both of the fabric and printed colors. 

Use mild detergent. Avoid harsh cleaning detergents or bleach to ensure the best protection for your new favorite shirt.


Hanging to air dry is the absolute best way to dry printed T-shirts. However, if you must use a drier - Use the lowest possible heat setting or Permanent Press. Heat damages and shrinks fabric and prints. Try to remove the tees early before the cycle ends.

Go beyond the box:

Use a laundry bag for extra-special shirts. Laundry bags specially made to keep particular pieces of clothing separate from the rest of the wash will give you maximum protection!

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